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Take your brand to the next level

Automated Retailing Solutions has years of expertise as an operator of fully-automated stores, and its unique proprietary dispensing kiosk makes the ARS team an ideal partner for retailers in search of a winning solution that will extend their brands, control shrinkage and match the needs of their time-constrained customers. It’s a fact that in today’s complex marketplace nontraditional retail locations enhance profitability—and we can find the right solution for you.

ARS can match all of your automated retailing needs


Our systems are highly configurable, versatile and modular. They can accommodate virtually any product mix or vending space to attract customers and create a consistent shopping experience.

Best-in-class UI

Our easy-to-use customer interface has been created in collaboration with a leading automated retailing software solutions provider. It offers virtually unlimited retail configurations and branding opportunities.


Whether it’s the size or type of products, the information displayed or a specific promotion, our automated retailing systems can precisely match retail needs with your brand strategy.


We are not a one size fits all solution. We will work with you to identify your unique goals and find the solution that will work best for you, anywhere in the world.

Start experiencing the many retailing benefits of working with Automated Retailing Solutions. Contact us today for a product demo or to learn more about the many ways ARS can make a difference for your retail business.

Benefits of Automated Retailing

Now, you can extend your brand beyond brick and mortar locations, attract more customers and offer a consistent shopping experience.

For today’s time-starved customer there’s no better way to offer 24/7 convenience at a location that’s optimal for them when they can't visit your store.

Gives your customers self-checkout convenience, added product information and the ability to make self-service purchases on restricted access items in store.

Reduces loss, particularly in desirable, small, iconic products, and highlights the availability of new or featured products.

Easily matches investment with retail opportunities in satellite locations, increases market penetration, boosts sales per square foot potential, and reduces labor and training costs.

Gain meaningful data regarding customer preferences. This helps reduce the cost of launching new initiatives and helps you create readily scalable merchandising opportunities.

Our Products

The versatile, configurable, intuitive retail kiosk from ARS

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