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Expand your retail footprint

Benefits of Automated Retailing

Provides a unique brand extension

  • Engages customers in places far beyond traditional brick and mortar locations

  • Offers multichannel merchandising and sales to improve brand reach

  • Delivers consistent, accurate and appealing presentation of products across a network of automated retail stores

Offers customers time savings and convenience

  • Allows customers to make purchases when going to a store is not practical or efficient

  • Adds retail locations that match a brand's strategic mission or that have a large customer base

  • Serves as an alternative 24/7 delivery method for online sales

Matches customer preferences

  • Offers self-checkout convenience

  • Goes beyond standard shopping hours

  • Provides added product information via customizable user interface

  • Allows for self-service purchase on restricted access items in store

  • Highlights the availability of new or featured products

Controls shrinkage

  • Radically reduces the risk of losses, particularly of highly desirable, small, iconic products

  • Reduces risk to employees by avoiding their intervention in loss prevention

  • Enhances customer convenience by making restricted access products readily available

Enhances profitability

  • Easily matches investment with retail opportunities in satellite locations and increases market penetration

  • Increases sales per square foot potential while reducing labor and training costs

  • Reduces the cost of launching new initiatives                        

  • Facilitates readily scalable merchandising opportunities

Offers vital customer data

  • Provides detailed meaningful data regarding customers and their preferences via its back-office infrastructure                   

  • Offers consistent, curated customer information

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Brand Extension
Customer Preferences
Control Shrinkage

Start experiencing the retailing benefits of working with Automated Retailing Soultions. Contact us today for a product demo or to learn more about the many ways ARS can make a difference for your retail business.

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