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The future of automated retail is here

Meet Leonardo

The versatile, configurable, intuitive retail kiosk from ARS

Market Leading Versatility

Leonardo's unique dispensing mechanism allows you to create a diverse product offering. Virtually any assortment of large and small products can be displayed using our best-in-class configuration system.

Easy Reconfiguration

With Leonardo, it’s easy to maintain multiple planograms across a network of dispensing kiosks. You have the flexibility to sustain location-specific product mixes. Plus, it’s easy to reconfigure one or more retail kiosks from an established planogram.

Intuitive User Interface

Leonardo’s easy-to-use customer interface has been created in collaboration with one of the world’s leading automated retailing software solutions providers. Together, we have extensive international experience developing and maintaining automated retailing kiosks and kiosk software worldwide. Leonardo meets the highest standards of data security and can be quickly modified to accommodate specific customer interactions.

Not only that, adding your branding requires minimum software changes. You also have the ability to provide customers with supplemental product description screens and to offer products at a reduced price using multi-product promotions or promotional codes. Customers add products to the shopping cart simply by selecting the product image and description, or by entering the product location that corresponds to the physical location of the product on the kiosk’s dispensing shelves. 

Outstanding Product Visibility

Leonardo’s unique glass display shelves with low profile sight lines result in maximum open space to frame the product. Add to that the attractive display lighting of the cabinets and you have one of the most effective and engaging product presentations available.

Advanced Robotic Mechanism

In short, it’s fun to watch Leonardo “fetch” each product, which adds an element of entertainment to the shopping experience. The mechanism also ensures that product facings are always at the front of the row.

Superior Service & Support

Leonardo comes with all the support you need to be up and running in no time. You’ll quickly learn how Leonardo’s flexibility of product offerings, branding opportunities, and ability to monitor sales and nimbly change content offers you a substantial and versatile business advantage.

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Leonardo’s Dimensions and Capabilities

Touch Screen Module

Dimensions 80" x 20" x 39"

Product Display Cabinet

Dimensions 80" x 36" x 34.5"
Useable product space 13.5" x 54" x 17.75"

Product Attributes

Dispenses a wide variety of packaging shapes, sizes, types, weights; dimensions .5" to 11.75" wide, .5" to 11.75" high, up to 15 pounds

Minimum Configuration

Touch screen module


1 to 15 product display cabinets can be added

Typical Configuration

Touch screen module plus 2 display cabinets, creating a dispensing kiosk with a width of 92"

Note: Cabinet dimensions of prototype model can be modified to meet your requirements.

Start experiencing the retailing benefits of working with Automated Retailing Soultions. Contact us today for a product demo or to learn more about the many ways ARS can make a difference for your retail business.

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